Monday, June 07, 2004

Ronald Reagan

I was very saddened to hear about Reagan's death. But I suppose much like the death of Winston Churchill in 1965, his death was long expected, so I feel the mourning of an expected loss, rather than the sting of a sudden death.

My parents (though my father recently, sadly passed also) and I are all self-described conservative Republicans. The difference among us is that while I describe myself as a Reagan Republican, I describe them as Nixon Republicans. Some find this somewhat strange, as if anything, they are far more conservative than I am.

The differences are this. Nixon held a somewhat cynical view of the world, Reagan an optimistic view.

To Nixon, the world was going to hell. The best we could do was delay the inevitable. To Reagan, the dehumanizing monstrosity that was bolshevism was in fact the system that was doomed. While the Soviets were too strong (and the threat of nuclear war too great) to use military might, we could give aid and comfort to those behind the Iron Curtain and they could free themselves.

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