Sunday, September 28, 2003

Cleveland Rocks!

Well, not really. My wife and I figured there is not much to do in Columbus before the game, so instead we flew to Cleveland. We figured we would visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had heard much about how nice the downtown was revitalization.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is nice, in a beautiful location on the lakefront. The downtown area has been rebuilt nicely (although there still remains too many vacant storefronts).

The only thing it was all missing were people. The entire place seemed devoid of people. The area surrounding the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was empty, no people, no stores, no street vendors. In the "Historic Warehouse District" which is supposed to be a nice filled by nice little stores and restaurants, we found a few uninteresting stores and two open restaurants. At night, the "Flats" which is supposed to be home to over 50 restaurants and clubs, seemed to have only about 10.

In all, it was quite sad. The city government is clearly trying and has done a wonderful job. All that is missing is the people.
Korean Team Losing

My favorite image of the 2002 World Cup were the Korean supporters, decked out in red. Their shirts would say "Korean Team Fighting." From what I understand, in Korea, it is hip to put things in English.

Well, 3-0. Korean team losing.

Thursday, September 25, 2003


US 5 Nigeria 0. The Nigerians have a reputation of being very physical. But the US went out and out handled them.

In the WMD game Sunday, we face North Korea.

My Koreans friends, it is NOT 1966.
Secession, eh!?!

Much notice in the blogsphere has been given to a "progressive" professor who wants the blue states to secede from the US and join Canada. Granted the piece is done a little tongue in cheek (or at least I imagine), but you have to wonder.

"Progressives" seem quite into democracy, except the part about them losing just about every election. Listening to WBAI in New York, you get the idea that for progressives, democracy is legitimate only if the WBAI types win. And the only way they could win is not allow anyone else to vote.

But suppose the Blues join Canada, then what. The whole blue state thing is somewhat misleading. When you look at the county by county map, you see that in the north and Midwest, blue territories (generally cities) are surrounded by wide red suburban and rural territory. In the south, besides the cities, the blue zone takes in some heavily rural, heavily black areas. So what do the secessionists want to do about red zones in blue states and the blue zones deep in enemy territory.

And do they really believe that EVERYONE in a red state is a "progressive" of their ilk? I live in Chicago. Mayor Daley was one of Gore's biggest supporters. Yet, could you see Daley ordering the Chicago police to seal off the Indiana border? Well, maybe if he wanted control of the airport, but otherwise no.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


The Women's World Cup is upon us, and while it gets less press elsewhere than it does here, it still is a great event.

The Brazilian women easily defeated Norway today. Is it possible that the Brazilian women are emulating the Brazilian men? Will we see samba soccer in feminine guise? One can only hope so.

In one aspect though, the Brazilian women are the equal to the men. Touch them, even cough in their general direction, and they hit the ground, holding four differnt body parts.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


My wife is over 7 months pregnant. The baby was squirming around today. It is a wired feeling. At 36, I am an adult, yet I still feel as though I have not quite grown up. But I should be on course for a midlife crisis soon. And I am going to have this little person completely dependent on me. Makes you wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to the universe.

One of these days, I plan to start a blog specifically dedicated to fatherhood

President Bush gave his UN speech today. I did not see or hear it, but I have read parts of it. It seemed to me to be right on the money. Others such as James Lieks have pointed out very eloquently that the opponents of the war in Iraq complain that we support dictators then complain that we actually managed to overthrow one.

I just would like to hear once that they admit that Saddam Hussein and his bunch of Baathist thugs were bad, and that the world is a better place with them gone. The only people who should feel sorry for their removal are the Baathist thugs themselves, who now will have to find jobs -- a difficult prospect when you killed someone from 3/4s of the families in your village.

Yet "world opinion" seems to mourn his passing.

I feel strange talking about the Iraq War. I never served in the military. Other than some ROTC while in college, I never seriously considered a military career. So I feel strange and guilty wanting to use the military. But as a former Army officer I worked with reminded me, there is no draft, and the constitution requires the military to be under civilian control.

I believe that the military would not be used lightly. But Iraq had to be done.
Hello world and welcome to "Blue State Conservative." This is my first attempt at blogging, but I figure if Glenn Reynolds can do it, so can I.

I am not sure where this will lead. I am sure that much of what I have to say is rubbish, but that is what is so great about America and the Internet!

The name of the blog comes from the famous election map of 2000. Despite being a conservative, I find myself drawn to live in the "red" zones. I currently live in the Lincoln Park section of Illinois. Before that, I lived in Brooklyn Heights.

BEFORE THAT I lived in the hippest neighborhood in America, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It would not surprise me if in my old election district, Ralph Nader received more votes than George Bush.

Before that I lived in the somewhat blue county of Arlington Virginia.

Why am I drawn to the "Blue"? I am not sure. My wife thinks I just like to have something to complain about. Maybe I just like the different mix of cultures and people.

But I do seem to complain a lot.

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